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Limewood, Banbridge Community was set up in July 2018. Originally it was there to determine how the residents felt about the environment they lived and as a vehicle to combat historical ant-social behaviour issues. A number of residents got together and decided to do something about it rather than sit back and let a small number of people spoil it for the rest. Since it's inception and due to the strong feelings of the residents a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been implemented. The founders have engaged with local authorities such as the PSNI, the PCSP and the Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon Borough Council to support the Limewood, Banbridge Community in becoming an attractive place to live.

Limewood, Banbridge Community is now more about supporting the people who live there than the historical problems. We now organise events and in conjunction with the Banbridge local authorities we can support our residents in many different ways. The forum continues to be a popular resource for residents to discuss issues. View our Privacy Statement here

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Connect With Us. Use our forum to have your say on issues, contact us if you have an issue you'd like to discuss or an idea for an event you'd like to host.

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Neighbourhood Watch, Events, COMMUNITY Support

Limewood Banbridge - Neighbourhood Watch


We support Limewood, Banbridge in many different ways and you can be involved too!

Neighbourhood Watch helps to keep our residents safe by looking out for each other, raising awareness of crime and stopping anti-social behaviour.


Our online forum is now closed. If you'd like it reinstated please let us know.In the meantime you can connect with us using our Facebook page and the Nextdoor App.


We try to organise events that can bring our community together. We offer support and help to our residents whether it's Individual support, mediation or conflict resolution.

Contact Us now to find out how you can get involved.

Living in Limewood, Banbridge is safe, convenient and fun!.

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We're a small team made up of Limewood residents, why not join us?

Limewood Banbridge - Adrian Lyon
Adrian Lyon
Founder & NHW Co-Ordinator
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Limewood Banbridge - Community Member
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