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During the CORRONAVIRUS pandemic we are extending our support to the wide Banbridge area


Protecting our Community

Supporting the Limewood, Banbridge community via our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Helping to protect the residents and their homes from anti-social behaviour.

Supporting our Residents

Supporting our residents. Residents can have their say on what happens on a variety of issues; whether it's events or community issues. Individual support is available via direct contact with us

Connecting People

Fostering a community environment via regular events, online news and giving our residents a voice via our online forum. Our new mobile version keeps you connected on the move.

Engaging with Local Authorities

Working with the PCSP, PSNI and the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to help make our development a safe and happy place to live.


Why Limewood Community was set up, who is behind it and what is our vision?


Limewood, Banbridge Community was set up, intially, to combat historical ant-social behaviour issues. A number of residents got together and decided to do something about it rather than sit back and let a small number of people spoil it for the rest. Since it's inception and due to the strong feelings of the residents a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has been implemented. The founders have engaged with local authorities such as the PSNI, the PCSP and the Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon Borough Council to support the Limewood, Banbridge Community in becoming an attractive place to live.

Our vision is to make Limewood 'the place to live' in Banbridge, Co. Down. We intend to achieve this by ensuring anti-social behaviour is stopped and by fostering a community spirit by organising events and generally connecting with people. In addition it is hoped that we can support the residents in other ways depending on needs.

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Limewood Banbridge - Community Support


The Limewood, Banbridge Community offers support in three main areas. Neighbourhood Watch, Online Forum and Community Support & Events

Limewood Banbridge - Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch helps to keep our residents safe by looking out for each other, raising awareness of crime and stopping anti-social behaviour.

Limewood Banbridge - Community Forum

Our online forum is a voice for Limewood residents to have their say on any issues that are of concern or just to discuss what's going on.

Limewood Banbridge - Community Events

In conjunction with Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Brough Council we can host community based events, or offer individual support on community issues if needed.

Our Community

The Limewood Development in Banbridge Co. Down is a diverse community featuring 138 homes.

Limewood Banbridge - Homes in Banbridge


Limewood, Banbridge, Co. Down is a popular development of 138 homes. Situated on the Scarva Rd, Limewood is home to a diverse population from countries world-wide. Our residents are from; China, Australia, Brazil, Greece and many more. Help to make Limewood 'the place to live' in Banbridge by getting involved. You don't have to do much; attend the occasional residents meeting and put forward your ideas.

Neighbourhood Watch is all about looking out for each other, reporting crime and stopping anti-social behaviour. You can help by being a co-ordinator.


With funding from Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council we can orgainse childrens or family events. We need help with ideas and support.


Our forum is the voice of Limewood. Residents can discuss issues and ideas or just have a moan. We need help administer and moderate the forum.

Our Team

We're a small team made up of Limewood residents, why not join us?

Limewood Banbridge - Adrian Lyon
Adrian Lyon
Founder & NHW Co-Ordinator
Limewood Banbridge - Member
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Limewood Banbridge - Community Member
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Limewood Banbridge - Community Member
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Some Limewood Statistics

Here's a few statistics about Limewood


Our Latest News & Blog

Here is a snapshot of some of our recent events, publicity and "goings on"

Halloween Event

by Adrian/ON 1st November, 2018

Limewood, Banbridge, 1st November 2018, Adrian Lyon from Limewood Community Group arranged a play event for the children in the area. Joan Noade, Council's Play Development Officer, Carmel Taylor, Community Development, Billy Stewart, PCSP and Sarah & Leanne from PSNI Neighbourhood Policing came together and had some playtime with some of the young ones from the development. Using play as an engagement method is a great way to get our messages through to the children and to break down barriers. Read More

Article in the Chronicle

by Adrian/ON 15th August, 2018

Fed-up Limewood residents have joined forces to take action against ongoing anti-social behaviour in the development. Recent incidents and arrests have prompted concerned householders to actively address the problems head on, and a ‘Limewood Community’ website and forum have been set up. - Read the full story in this week's Chronicle Read More

Limewood Community Forum Set Up

by Adrian/ON 1st July, 2018

The Limewood Community website and forum was set up on the 1st July 2018. The project was set up intially to combat the historical anti-social behaviour issues on the development. As the project has developed it has become more of a community forum, not just to stop anti-social but to promote a community spirit.Read More

Our Partners

Organisations who have supported us are featured below. Without their support we this project wouldn't be possible

Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon PCSP (Policing & Community Safety Partnership)
Neighbourhood Watch
Lyon Marketing

Limewood Community.

Supporting the residents of Limewood Banbridge .